Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SLEEP Progress Update #1

Dear reader,
     I am 71,699 words and 210 pages into the novel SLEEP as of today. Normally I would be able to type 5,000 words and finish about a chapter in one day, but that was in the beginning where it was easy to get things started. Now, I'm near the end and I have to explain major details, and it can be difficult leading up to certain conflicts and climaxes. But do not give up on me yet; I am hopeful. I know I will finish this novel in early June and begin editing the day after that.
     It is normal to get caught up in writer's block near the end of a novel, but the best thing is to think of different ways to stretch out the details and maybe even take a little break to let your mind rest. But never stop writing. If you stop (like I had to for exams), it gets you off pace and it's difficult to rise back up to that same pace after a long period of time. With nearly 100 pages left for me to write, I am courageous. But all I ask is for you to not lose faith in me.

1 comment:

  1. Impressive! It's nice to see fellow teens accomplishing feats such as writing a novel.

    (Sorry for correcting you on your grammar, but it's supposed to be "lose" at the end, not "loose".)